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DSHE ID: 1733
First Name: Dr.S.M. Ali
Last Name: Ashraf
Father'Name: Late S. M. Abdus Salam  
Mother' Name: Late Jahanara Begum
Date Of Birth: 7/21/1968 Join Date(Present Institute): 11/10/2014
join Date(First Join): 8/10/1996 M.P.O Date: N/A
E-mail ID: ashrafzoology@gmail.com Contact Number: 1715039964
Bank Account: N/A Pay Scale Code: Grade 4 (as per the pay scale 2015)
Present Address: Khulna Govt.Womens College, Boyra, Khulna-9000 Permanent : Address House No-0166 ,Boalmari Municiplity, Word No-3, Post +P. S. Boalmari, Dist:Faridpur-7860
Type Employee: Professor Depertment Zoology
Monthly Salary: 71200 Salary (Gov): N/A
Salary (If Any): N/A Blood Group: A positive
Nationality: Bangladeshi Gender: Male
Education Qualification: M. Sc, Ph.D Religion: Islam